Our History

Our History

Remember where you come from

Founded in 2021, Ori-gen is an engine for community building by sustaining legacy businesses to help diverse communities flourish. ori-gen is a partnership between Alliance 360° Insurance Solutions and The J. Morey Company, Inc. Insurance Agents & Brokers. In 2020, the principals of both companies came together to discuss new opportunities and a shared vision of preserving legacies and advancing diverse communities in America through insurance. On June 1, 2021, the two companies merged, bringing that vision to fruition. Today, Ori-gen equips diverse businesses with the tools and resources needed to carry on their legacies into future generations.

ori-gen Executive Team: Joshua Morey, Terri Seki, Kevin Fukuyama, Nori Nishida

About The Founding Partners

The J. Morey Company was founded in 1980 by brothers John, Jack, and Jim Morey to serve individuals, families, and businesses with high quality insurance products and professional, reliable service.

The Morey family has a foundation deeply rooted in both entrepreneurship and the Japanese American community with ties going back to the early 20th century. In 1907, the Morey family immigrated to the United States from Japan and opened a general store called The Asia Company located in Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles; however, the store was eventually forced to close due to the incarceration and relocation of Japanese Americans during World War II. Continuing his family’s legacy and commitment to the community, current president and second generation owner Joshua Morey brought things full circle by establishing an office in Little Tokyo on the same street his great-grandfather owned his business over 100 years earlier.

Today, The J. Morey Company operates multiple offices throughout California providing insurance and risk management solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs. The highest priority of The J. Morey Company remains their commitment to service, insurance knowledge, and giving back to the community.

To learn more, please visit www.jmoreyins.com.

Alliance 360° Insurance Solutions was founded in 1993 by a partnership of prominent insurance professionals, led by current President & CEO Nori Nishida. The company originally began operations in Gardena, California, which is a home to a robust and diverse Asian American community where many small businesses thrive. Early on, Nori had the vision to support the local businesses in his community and understood insurance is one of the fundamentals contributing to their success. He wanted to provide greater accessibility to employee benefits services for small business owners, managed by an experienced, caring team they could trust.”

As the company continued to grow, operations moved to Orange County where more opportunities arose to engage with medium-size and multi-state companies; however, the company’s commitment to local businesses and the community remained the same. Clients of all sizes receive the expertise, personal attention, and sincerity that Alliance 360° has to offer. Nori’s personal dedication to the Asian American community, especially through Japanese American youth sports organizations, has always been a strong value instilled within the company and continues to this day.

Alliance 360° Insurance Solutions offers fresh ideas and creative strategies to meet the unique challenges of today’s employers. In addition, their clients have access to a diverse portfolio of products and services to choose from – in all 50 states. These include health, dental, vision, life, and voluntary products as well as compliance and HR-related services. In addition, learning management and benefits management platforms are among some of the valuable resources provided. The company’s commitment to clients is encapsulated by the statement “Connected by a Common Cause and Taking Care of You 360°.”

To learn more about Alliance 360 Insurance Solutions, visit www.alliance360is.com.